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Can your CNC machine cut metal?
You can cut aluminum, copper and other non ferrous metals if you use the proper router bits and coolants, however it is not designed to cut steel, iron, titanium or other hard metals.  The Metal Maslow name refers to the fact that the sled is made of laser cut metal, not that it can actually cut steel.  Most people will probably use it to cut wood, bamboo, plastic, foam and other softer materials. 

Why is your CNC machine so much more expensive than other Maslow CNC variants? 

If you research what is included in our kit it is actually one of the least expensive kits because it includes more components.  

 All of the companies selling Maslow CNC machines are sold as incomplete kits with the user having to buy their own computer, plywood, 2x4's for the frame, router & bits, and make their own sled.    

Our kit comes with a precut laser cut sled and faster Z axis. The sled takes about 15 minutes to put together vs 2-3 hrs with the original kit. Main benefits listed below:

Makita RT0701C router with 1 year warranty. ( will also sell without router) Compatable with about a dozen different routers instead of just one out of the box. Basically if the router has a cylindrical body it can work. 
C-Beam Axis with faster Z axis motor mount and clamp for above router. Dewalt 611 can also be supported if a different clamp is used. Both of these routers are widely available in Europe and other countries in 220v.

Laser Cut Steel Base plate so Linkage arms, router, z axis etc. lines up exactly.
Longer 14’ plated #25 chain (very rust resistant) which can be used to widen the motor spacing.
TLE5206 Power Control Board with AUX pins and fan cooled aluminum enclosure.
Pulleys for counter weighting the slack chain side instead of elastic cord.
Arduino controlled power switch & aux cable for automatic on/off of router (One should still never leave machine unattended)
AUX cable and metal plate for Zeroing the z axis
Router bit to start cutting right away. 

What are the Calibration free metal Cross bars accessory? 

One of the challenges with supporting the maslow cnc community is that everyone's machine is built slightly differently.  The sled might be out of alignment or a different weight. Our goal is to make our machines clone copies of each other so they are basically all the same. The final piece to accomplish this are laser cut top motor mount bars. With the distance between the motors exactly the same between all machines the group can come up with a single calibration value for best performance. No more guess work, no more running several calibration steps. Just plug and play is the goal. a top metal bar is more ridged then wood anyways so it is a great upgrade no matter what machine you own. 

How hard is the kit to put together?
The included sled takes about 15 minutes to put together very easily. Then all you have to do is build a frame out of 2x4's like this one here http://maslowcommunitygarden.org/Bolt-Together-Maslow-Frame.html
which is estimated to take a few hrs. Please note we recommend a wider 12' long top bar that is located 1 ft higher than the stock frame. this gives better cutting accuracy in bottom corners.  

How much space will the machine take up? 
Unlike other horizontal gantry CNC machines, the Metal Maslow is a vertical machine which only takes up about 9x2 ft of floor space. The top bar can be 10 or 12 ft long. We recommend 12' since it gives better results. Total height will be about 7.5 ft or 90 " ideally, but can be about 7' high if needed. 

What kind of support is offered? 

Please check out the assembly guide here:   https://www.maslowcnc.com/assemblyguide
Ask questions on the main forum located here:  https://forums.maslowcnc.com/ or the facebook group located here:

We offer support via phone, email or facetime for iPhone or skype for android users. Sorry we do not offer support via Txt or messaging apps due to them being less efficient use of our time. Please note we are a small company and if you leave an email or VM it generally takes us a day to get back to you.  The best time to reach us is in the mornings  6:30 to 8am EST time.  

What is the return policy?

You may return the item within 14 days. Plesae contact us for return  address. If there is an issue please contact us before returning the goods so we can take care of it and help you out. 

What is the warranty?
The kit has a 9 month warranty and if you buy the Makita router from us it has a 1 year warranty. The router should be run at the lowest speed unless you are cutting something unusual. Running the router at a faster speed will cause the brushes to wear out faster and this is typically the #1 reason a router needs maintenance.  If you want to use the machine for business or production purposes we recommend the Ridgid R22002 router from Home Depot since it has a life time warranty (only if you register online). 

What can one make with a cnc machine?
Your imagination is the limit! For hobbiest signs and furniture seem to be popular categories. You can custom draw items or you can buy premade drawings for example these:

Since the Maslow is an open source project there are many projects shared here:

Other open sharing websites are listed below:


The metal maslow is primarily a 2 dimensional cutting machine. While one can do some relief carving the sled must be big enough to support itself over the work area. 

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